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Talanhold - The Chosen One - Book 1 in the Talanhold Trilogy

Talanhold is a land of farmers and shepherds but there are more to the people than meets the eye. Skills beyond those expected and talents unknown along with a strong desire to survive and a strong love for the Royal Family make up what the people of the land are. 

The leaves however have told the King that he is going to die before his fiftieth birthday and he has just turned forty nine.  He believes it even if no one else does and being the King, he’s the only one who has to.  He calls for all his Regents to bring their sons to Coladmore Hold.  He knows that one of them will marry his daughter and become the next King. Unless there are others who would get in the way.

The Chosen One will come from one of the Regent’s sons but no one knows how it will happen or who it will be.  They do know that once chosen he will have to survive the merge.  The last Chosen One did not survive and there are some who hope that the same thing happens again but they are prepared to take things into their own hands if it doesn't.