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Tannion – Donning Gray (Book 3 in the Tannion Series)

Unlike all other inmates arriving at the prison gates, Jim Tannion was excited to be there. Inside were the men he had spent the last few years looking for, but was never able to find, and this time they were a captive audience. Waiting for him were thieves, rapists, and murderers, and he could hardly wait.

They had no idea that he was coming for them.

Tannion wanted to be there as he knew he had a job to do. While in prison, the inmates weren’t a problem, but eventually they would get out. Some would revert back to their old ways and some would not. Would he be able to tell the difference and could he stop those who should never be released?

Tannion also knew that he would have to watch his back. He had made some powerful people very angry when he left Los Angeles. People who had a very long reach. Long enough to get inside the same prison walls that Tannion found himself behind. They wanted revenge and they were willing to put everything on the line to get it.

“The real question then was; could he survive? It was going to be kill or be killed and he knew it.