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Tannion – Stepping Out (Book 2 in the Tannion Series)

After spending five years in prison, Jim Tannion was more than happy to be getting out. He was only a little surprised when he was met at the gate by the same FBI agent who had put him in prison in the first place. He was even more surprised when he realized that he was looking forward to seeing him, and could almost call him a friend.

Mike Rallin had become the agent in charge of an elite FBI organized crime unit, but when Tannion’s old friends in Los Angeles become a target of Rallin’s team, Tannion couldn't stay away. Could he stop his new friend from hurting his old friends, and did he know who his real friends were.

Tannion has his hands full setting things straight, keeping himself and his friends alive and out of jail, while trying to keep the friendships intact on both sides of the law. A delicate balancing act that he might not survive.