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Talanhold - The Journey - Book 2 in the Talanhold Trilogy

King Frylan Coladmore and his new wife Queen Raven Coladmore are home and starting their life together. A decision is made to travel the land that they rule over to visit all the Holdings and visit the regents. The new King and his Queen want to ensure the Regents are loyal and that the people know who their King is.

The trip is eventful from the beginning but when King Fry hears of an imminent attack on his home he finds an unusual means to travel that allows him and his men to fight the army that has landed on his shores. But one crisis seems only to lead to another and when Queen Raven is kidnapped and the King is led away to what looks to be his sure death, the men of the land choose sides. Some must side with the King and some want him removed. A battle that couldn't be avoided.

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