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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hi. I hope everyone is looking forward to a great Christmas where ever you are. Carrole and I just returned from a three week cruise around the Caribbean. Weather was decent most of the time and we saw several islands that we have never been to before as well as a few which we have. We are now up to 90 countries visited. We spent 4 days in Fort Lauderdale after the cruise and got home on Friday. Now for Christmas and then the next trip.

I have to admit though that I am a bit disappointed. Before we left I had a giveaway of my book Tannion and 275 books were given away for free. I was hoping that by now a few would have been read and maybe I would get some feedback in the form of reviews, but as of today, I haven't received any new reviews good or bad. I was hoping for at least a few,

On more positive notes I was able to spend some time writing and reviewing as well as reading while we were gone. I can now say that my fourteenth book is now written. My science fiction book titled 'Serus II' has been completed which of course means that the work has just begun. Now for a major rewrite and editing. I have also been editing and I have completed work on Tannion Undercover (Book 5 in the Tannion Series). I am working on the eighth book in the Tannion series as well. I have the fourth book in the Tannion Series ready to go to my editor but I am holding off for a while. I am still hoping for more sales and more reviews.

That's all for now and probably until next year so have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

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