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Friday, 18 September 2015

HI. It's so good to have my website back. Due to issues that were well within my control, but were missed, my site has been down for the last month or more. Now with it back up, I need to update everything and make sure it is in good working order.

First to tell you what has happened while I was gone. My books Tannion and Tannion Stepping Out, the first two books in the Tannion series, are now available at select book stores in Calgary. It is in a few of the Indigo-Chapters stores as well as Owls Nest Books and Shelf Life Books.

As well I have done four book signings at two Indigo Stores and have 3 more signings in September as well as one in October. My signings have gone well according to the store with almost 10 books sold at each location each day. Not going to make any money at that rate, but I am slowly getting my name out there.

I have also been talking to the local newspaper about an article and had my old home town paper request my press release. Hoping for more from that in the future.

I haven't stopped writing but sometimes it feels that way. The third book in the Tannion Series - Tannion Donning Gray, is almost ready to go to press. It should be out in a few weeks at the latest. I am also almost finished my last proof read of the fourth book in the series, Tannion Future Past, getting it ready to go to the editor. While all this is going on, I am slowly working my way through my science fiction book titled Serus II. It is more than 50 thousand words, but without getting into it more full time, I am finding it a bit of a struggle. I hope to finish it this fall, but I have so many to publish ahead of it, it may never see the light of day.

Sorry to run on so much, but it has been a while. With my site up and running I hope to do a better job of posting in the future.


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