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Monday, 22 June 2015

Monday June 22

I did my very first book signing on Saturday and I think it was successful. Not having anything to compare to makes it difficult to say exactly how successful but talking to people who work at the bookstore, I think I did well.

By the end of the day I sold 10 Tannion and three Tannion Stepping Out. I also talked to a few people who were interested and they took my card. who know if they will ever check but at least they have my email and website.

I am still working on my final edit of Tannion Donning Gray (Book three in the Tannion Series). I hope to be done in the next couple of days and hope to release it in August. Stay tuned.

I read two books in the past week. The first was a James Patterson and as usual it was an easy read but I was disappointed with the style. It was Confessions of a Murder Suspect. I don't enjoy a book that has the main character talking to me as if I'm her friend. Just stick to the narrator point of view. I gave it three stars.

The second book this week is the second second book in the Tainted Accord Series by Kelly St. Clare. Fantasy of Flight started where Fantasy of Frost left off and was equally as good. I had to give it five stars. Here is my review.

When I finished the first book in the Tainted Accord Series I knew I would have to read the second and I wasn't disappointed. The ending of Fantasy of Frost said that Fantasy of Flight was going to be good and it lived up to my expectations. Having to fight for her life and her livelihood has made Olina stronger and smarter but she still had tests to overcome. High flying and then some.

Can't wait to read the next in the series.

I have to admit I am not one to give out lengthy well worded reviews. I just never know what to say other than I liked the book or not. I try to say a little about the book so they know I actually read it but not enough to spoil anything.  

In this case I would recommend Kelly St. Clare to anyone who likes fantasy. 

Have a good week and good reading

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