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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wednesday May 27

The condo is looking more livable each day, but that limits my time on other things including writing and blogging. Missed my Monday blog, but only two days late.

Tannion Donning Gray, (Book Three in the Tannion Series) is in editing. I have received the edits back and I am working through the changes. Looking good so far, but will take a few more days before it will be ready.

I have only written a few words on Serus II my Sci Fi attempt. Finished The Boys in the Boat and my review that went up on Amazon and Goodreads is below.

Marketing is still slow and sales are terrible, but hope to start next Monday. I will start visiting local book stores and talk to local media. Anything will help. Need to blitz facebook and twitter and with luck sell a few books. Early in July I hope to have a giveaway for Tannion, ebook only.

Stay in touch and good reading

The Boys in the Boat - 4 stars

The Boys in the Boat is a well-researched and well written epic story of the young men from Washington who rowed to victory in the 1936 Olympics. It delves into the minds of the men and their coaches from the day they entered as freshmen until their victory in Berlin.

Reading this book reminded me of reading Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Moby Dick always seemed to me as if I was reading two books. One of the story and one much deeper on the whaling industry. Boys in the Boat is a story about the men and their quest for gold but it also has another story about the art of rowing and a third story of the life of Joe Rantz as he struggles to become one of the boys in the boat. Joe Rantz’s story and the races that led to the final race in Berlin were excellent five star stories but like the second story in Moby Dick, the details surrounding the art of rowing left me a little cold.

Still a very good read and I am glad I picked this book up

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