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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

It's finally starting to warm up here in Las Vegas. Almost hit 80 yesterday. It still cools off at night which makes it easy to sleep.

Things are still looking up for Tannion although there has been on setback that I haven't gotten past yet. As I write this Tannion has twenty reviews with more five star than four and only three three star and none lower. I think it is a good start.

I have been holding off promoting Tannion too much as I have been fixing a number of typos that were found in the original. If you have one of the first copies I apologize for the number of errors, but as a first edition it is easy to spot.

My setback has been with trying to fix the typos. I keep getting my copies back to check and they have the same problems. Either word or Adobe appears to be dropping spaces and putting two words together. I thought is was random, but now I have had the same words squashed on two different versions. I also thought it was my Word so I upgraded. I then tried to upgrade my Adobe but ended up with what I thought was a virus from the download. Caused me to recover from a few days earlier and even though I had my data backed up, I still lost a chapter of my next book. No problem but I will never write it exactly the same again.

I will get past the problem with Tannion in a few days and as soon as I do I am putting the second book in the series through the process and sending the third book to my editor. Things are moving and still a little more than two months of winter before we head home.

Hope the book you're reading is a good one.

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