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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Finally. I think I have finally got Tannion fixed. A few typos were found, some of which were bad, as well as a number of problems with words being squished together. Fixed my errors and then tried to fix the problem with the space disappearing only to have them show up again. Finally figured out it was my Word software that was causing the problem. Bought the next version of Word and seemed to have the problem fixed only to have the next draft come back with the same errors. This time it was on the publisher as they had used an old file and not the new one. Just yesterday I received the final draft copy and it looks perfect.

So now I can get back into marketing and trying to get more reviews. Currently Tannion has 20 reviews but I need at least ten more. Sales are poor, but with the errors that were found, I was hoping for no sales until they were fixed. Now it is time to push again.

The second book in the Tannion series - Tannion Stepping Out - is almost ready to go to the publisher. Working on the final copy of the back blurb and then I can order the cover and send the files to createspace and away we go again. The third book in the series - Tannion Donning Gray - is ready to go to the editor.

I will be spending most of the summer in Calgary this year. If you happen to be there and would like a copy of the first edition of Tannion - complete with errors - I am giving them away. I have a dozen or so copies to give away. Just drop me a line. We won't be there until the first of May but should be there for most of the summer.

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