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Sunday, 25 January 2015

It's Sunday January 25 and today our daughter and our grandson have come for a visit in Las Vegas. They will be spending 5 days with us which means less time at the computer and less time reading, writing and editing.

Lately it has been mostly editing. I completed the seventh book in the Tannion series and have been working on editing the first Tannion as I found it had to many problems to leave and then editing Tannion Stepping Out as it gets closer to publication.

I have also been editing Tannion Donning Gray to get it ready to go to my editor. I hate sending her a manuscript that is so bad that it takes her too long. Also it's embarrassing.

I have also been doing a lot of reading. I have been swapping reviews with a few people as I am in need of more reviews for Tannion. I have 12 to date and am happy with what I have, but I need many more. Sales are very slow, but with a revision coming up I haven't been working on marketing. More active trying to get more reviews.

It might be a while before I start writing again. I have an idea for the eighth Tannion book, but I have two books that are thirty thousand plus words in and I might go to one of them first. I have also sent the first of the Talanhold Trilogy to a friend to read and he has also worked on formatting for me. I hope it can be the fourth book to be published, but time will tell.

It seems since we got back from Christmas with the family in Mexico that we have had very little time and what we have had has gone fast.

I hope everyone out there had a good Christmas break and are now back into their routines. Enjoy.

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