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Friday, 3 October 2014

When the 28th of September went by this year it marked the seventh year of our retirement and what a seven years it has been. We have been travelling as much as we had planned and that means for nine months of each year. We have seen places in Canada and the United States but our country list is now up to 88 and still counting.

Also in that seven years I took up writing. Something that was completely unexpected. As I sit writing this I have just put the final words into my tenth book which is the third in the Talanhold Trilogy. Maybe even better is that my first book 'Tannion' is almost published. I am waiting on the final proof to arrive in the mail and then assuming I approve it, Tannion will be available in both ebook and print.

I am not going to stop writing and there are nine more books set to publish. Tannion Stepping Out is in the editing phase with my new editor and I am self proofing a couple more. And the travelling isn't stopping either. Near the end of the month we will be heading for Las Vegas for 6 months. But there was a major addition to our lives earlier this week that means we will be travelling between Vegas and home a little more often. Our daughter gave birth to our first grandchild on Monday. Henry Wayne and mother are doing very well and we couldn't be more excited. And then on top of that our oldest son just announced his engagement. What a great year it has been and the next year looks to be even better.

Bye for now.

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