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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Finally it looks like things are really popping. First I have  received the interior draft of Tannion which is the first time I've seen any of my work actually look like a book. A little disappointed that it didn't come with my cover on it but I understand why. In a couple days I will make a few very small wording changes and then the real thing will arrive in the mail. Can hardly wait.

Also I have sent my manuscript for the second book in the Tannion series, 'Tannion Stepping Out,' to my new editor and will wait for her edits to arrive. It is always a time when I feel like I'm back in grade school with my term paper coming back covered in red marks. As much as I think I send off a clean manuscript I know I'm not the best writer in the world and definitely not the best editor. It will have plenty of red marks.

And last but not least I just today finished the first draft of the third book in the Talanhold Trilogy. The last of my fantasy trilogy is done but it will need some major rewrites and now that all three are finished, I need to go back over all of them and set them up for editing. So many names that I need to keep straight. None of the books will be published for a few years as I concentrate on getting my Tannion series out but they will be ready eventually.

All for now. Hopefully the next post will say that I'm happy with the way my first published book looks and give the link for its purchase. Can't wait.

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