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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I never thought that getting my book published was going to be easy. Now that I'm getting closer that has proven to be very true. However the self published route is still moving quicker than what I was into before and I really enjoy having at least some semblance of control.

Still things can go wrong. Sent my manuscript and cover in and found the cover wasn't at the resolution it was supposed to be. The company however was very good and fixed the problem for me but then I send them again and find the help I thought I was needing to purchase wasn't what I needed. Had to buy a more expensive package. Now I wait. With luck I will have a book in my hands before the end of September.

Has been a good summer overall. Had a trip through BC and saw some interesting areas in and around the Kaslo and Kelona regions. Stopped and hiked in Lake Louise and stayed in Rocky Mountain House for the first time. Spent a fair bit of time with the kids and will be driving to Vancouver soon to see our oldest.

Then we become grandparents and soon after we head for 6 months in Las Vegas. Being retired is a great life as long as you have the strength. We seem to fill our days and still leave me a few minutes to write and edit. Now with luck I'll need some of that time to market.

Enjoy your day.

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