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Monday, 7 July 2014

Moved a few steps closer to having Tannion published. Editing is finished and the cover has been bought. Waiting for word on a Library of Congress number and working out how to create my back cover and spine. Sent my book to some beta readers and will wait for their feedback.

Once I have some answers back, I have to buy my back cover and then send the entire package off and wait for a proof copy. As we are leaving town for a few weeks I hope to have the first copy in my mailbox when we get back on August 15th.

Meanwhile I am finding little time to actually write. Most of my writing time has been taken up with editing. First is Tannion and then the second book in the series - Tannion Stepping Out. Also I'm editing Time Tells All and the first in my Talanhold Trilogy.  I hope to get back to writing the third in the trilogy but want to complete editing the first book as I have made changes that will affect the next two books.

All in all as we get set to head off into the mountains for a few weeks which I am looking forward to I am also hoping to find time to actually write a few new words.

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