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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Well it finally happened. My publisher has officially pulled the plug. They were having problems that did not allow them to continue. I suddenly found myself without a publisher and unsure how to find one.  A couple quick online discussions and off I went on the exploration of self publishing.

A couple weeks later and I find that I am enjoying the experience. I plan on publishing using Createspace and have just purchased my first book cover. The last edit is underway and with luck I will have my first book out by the end of August.

I have also made a couple changes that will be showing up in a while.  I have revised the name of the first two books in the Tannion series. I hope they stand out a little more.

Finally I have also been working on my fantasy trilogy. The first two books are done but I found while writing the third book that there are a few names I don't like and a few places missing on the map.  I am currently going back over the first book looking to make some minor changes and ensuring that the map is correct. Making a few edits as I go along.

The summer is coming and with it some travelling. Nothing too far but it will still slow me down a little.  I hope to be able to blog a little more and hope a few more people actually read them. Bye for now.

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