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Monday, 12 May 2014

Home at last. We made it back a little while ago and have been getting everything ready to move into our RV and get set for the summer.  A summer of hopefully good weather and good times. Time I can use to get together with friends and family. Time to read a little or a lot. Time to write and maybe to get my first book published.

I am currently writing on four books but now that I am home I hope to cut that down to one so I can see at least one of them complete. I have the last book in the Talenhold Trilogy on hold for now as well as my spin off to the trilogy, my sci-fi and a new crime thriller. Haven't made up my mind yet which one to keep going with but will know soon enough.

The past winter was a good one for us but not for many who stayed home. It was a long, cold, and bitter winter for many but luckily we missed it. We did however see some of the sites of 34 different countries, went on two cruises, as many as six different group tours, and spent time on the beaches of Thailand. A very good winter for us but now back to the reality as it has frozen the last two nights we have been in our trailer. And it's almost the middle of May.

I hope to blog a little more this summer and put in writing how my books and publishing is coming. Keep in touch.

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